FHI 3500

FHI 3500

Hydraulic machine of high power and capacity. By far the machine most chosen by technicians in the construction sector.
The FHI 3500 is an Hydraulic proportioning – sprayer with high power and capacity.

The machine has been designed to work in all conditions and with all the products having a volume ratio 1:1. Its extraordinary power allows to apply piping with length up to 100 meters and can work with a prevalence of 40 meters. With this bundle you can easily reach the roof of a building of 10 floors and work on the entire area without the need to move the machine that remains installed in its truck parked in the street.

The machine is very compact. Its weight is reduced and the hydraulic oil tank is housed in the frame to limit the encumbrance. All this becomes a great advantage when it is necessary to install the machine on a van or on a truck: smaller size and lighter weight.

A number of devices, installed following our twenty years of experience in this area, provide easy control of all operations and situations, from temperature to pressure. Cleaning is made easy by the positioning of all the mechanical parts within easy reach.

The FHI 3500 is an equipment built to last and especially to avoid high maintenance and downtime costs. All the parts that make up the machine, in fact, are STANDARD, and can be found in any well-stocked shop of technical items. FUTURA EUROPE can provide any spare parts at any time and quickly. Any downtime is reduced to the minimum.

Our machines work smoothly and the need for replacement of parts is very rare. In any case, the customer shall be immediately replenished to make the replacement of any detail at low cost and without wasting time.

The FHI 3500 sprinkles expanded foams, elastomers and polyureas. The maximum flow rate is high and enables experienced applicators to realise notable productions.

At our school in Rotella we provide all the technical information and training to those who decide to dedicate themselves to the task of applicator.



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