Polyurethane represents the most advanced and economical technology for lining of styrofoam on the market. Despite the polystyrene lining with polyurethane is now widespread and polyurethane producers are now in various parts of the world, the particular chemistry necessary to obtain a product that is robust but flexible at the sime time, has led American manufacturers of this material to become popular as the undisputed leaders in this field. FUTURA EUROPE, always in collaboration with American producers, imports from the United States and distributes throughout the world prised polyurethanes formulated for the most highly innovative applications aiming to bring quality to the first rungs of the ladder of priorities.

The FUTURA EUROPE offer includes materials with unique technical characteristics, ensuring the right balance between rigidity, flexibility and strength, as well as ensuring a pleasant appearance. The special HARD COAT systems for EPS FUTURA EUROPE are easy to apply, give extreme hardness, dry quickly, are paintable, can be sandpapered and are safe for the environment, they are non-toxic and are odourless. They are quick curing products that allow to cover a large surface faster than conventional systems. Once hardened they form a hard and compact encapsulation film. They are formulated with different characteristics depending on the requested performances. They can be of high strength and hardness, elasticity and flexibility, compact and resistant to impact, UV-resistant and flame retardant. Polyurethanes have characteristics of resistance to ageing, weathering and protection from other damage resulting from manipulation





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