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“Quality technologies and products for companies in the construction, craft, and entertainment sectors”


Research, experience, and reliability in the application of polyurethane and polyurea spray

Since 2005, we have been manufacturing and supplying machinery equipped with cutting-edge technology and highly resistant & easy to apply top-quality materials.

Additionally, we offer advice and training for applicators and aspirants and after-sales assistance to test the machinery and solve any operation-related problem.

la nostra storia

Thirty-years of experience
born overseas

In 1992, we first learned and then promptly imported from the United States to Italy the technology of polyurethane and polyurea spray. Thanks to in-depth studies and research, we then implemented the FUTURA SYSTEM, an offer that to this day is the most complete in the field of waterproofing. 

We participate in study programs all over the world, above all in the United States (where our major business partners reside) to continue gathering information and gaining experience, essential to foster collaborative relationships with companies and professionals.

la nostra visione

Our focus and
future goals

We want to offer a product of excellent quality that is always at the forefront, guaranteeing complete support to customers, from the sale or rental of machinery to the supply of materials, up to and including training and assistance. This mix of services allows us to be a real point of reference in the sector. 

Our technicians, in fact, are specifically trained and continue to update themselves to design and build spray machines for polyurethane and polyurea, as well as provide assistance in the pre and post sales phases, guiding operators in the use of the machinery and materials offered, competently responding to any request.


Why choose us

Safety and quality

We have obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification, a demonstration of our continuous commitment to esteemed customers in pursuit of quality and service.

After-sales service

At our factory or customer facilities, we carry out machine testing, periodic overhauls, repairs, and regulatory adjustments.

Certified training

We organize seminars and training courses to train professionals able to face (also with the help of our assistance) the most varied applications in the field of polyurethanes. At the end of our courses, it is possible to take an exam conducted by the Giordano Institute to obtain the certified applicator license.

Made in italy production

We design and manufacture our polyurethane spray machines entirely in Italy and provide a wide range of products and application solutions.


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