Special mortars and finishes

Polyurethane, special mortars, and other innovative finishes for hardening polystyrene

Polyurethane is the most advanced technology for protective coatings.  For several years we have been collaborating with American manufacturers, importing and distributing precious polyurethanes formulated for innovative applications all over the world.

Hardening of polystyrene for scenery, swimming pools and wellness centers

Being a robust and at the same time flexible material, polyurethane is well suited for the coating of polystyrene for swimming pools and decorative scenery. Perfect for various uses, including those ornamental, polyurethane allows you to satisfy every need and is ideal for covering sets and sculptures with outdoor exposure. Thanks to its flexibility, in fact, it allows to make alignments and adaptations with the substrate. 

Polymer mortar: Futura SCR

It is obtained by mixing sands of different grain sizes and a special solvent-free resin. The compound obtained by mixing allows you to coat decorative elements in polystyrene with excellent results. While maintaining a certain flexibility, polystyrene takes on a certain hardness and resistance, so it is perfect for creating light but resistant architectural elements, both for interiors and exteriors, destined to last over time.

FUTURA Crete cement system

Specially formulated for the coating and quick decoration of dry and in good condition polystyrene elements, even when coated and hardened with polyurethane or polyureas. This product gives high hardness, elasticity, and weather resistance. 

Decorazioni per poliuretani e finiture – il mondo Marbelite

Marspec – granite effect

Special water-based pigmented paint with which you can recreate colors already existing in nature. The product contains individual pigments of different colors skillfully mixed to create the illusion of depth, coloring, and texture of natural stones quickly and easily. In resuming the richness and diversity of colors of natural materials, MAR-SPEC gives a harmonious, highly aesthetic, attractive, and functional appearance. This protective and resistant finish can be used on walls, floors, architectural/structural decorations, decorative accessories, and also on various types of surfaces: wood, concrete, polystyrene, mortar, polyurethane. 

MAR-SPEC is also excellent for hiding surface imperfections or masking raw building materials. Quick and practical to apply, thanks to the spray system, it allows to obtain a fine finish, easy to maintain at sustained costs.

Decor chips – stone effect

Vinyl confetti used to permanently decorate flooring systems or surfaces in general. They are specifically formulated to absorb the base coating and the protective coating used, reproducing the typical stone effect to the touch, as well as to the eye. They are available in sixteen different color combinations to reproduce the appearance of the most common granite or grit surfaces.

Transparent polyurea solvent-free Flexylan

Solvent-free transparent aliphatic polyurea allows for protective surface treatment applicable by roller and brush on polystyrene, foam, cardboard, wood, and many other surfaces. Thixotropic that does not run even when applied vertically, it can also be used with substantial thicknesses. Sandable, colorable, self-levelling, scratchproof, UV and impact resistant.