SUPREMA spray machine for polyureas and polyurethanes

Innovative design and revolutionary structure for high performance

The Suprema machine has been designed to offer applicators a tool suitable for carrying out high-profile technical interventions that require the maximum in terms of precision and delivery power. This model guarantees constant processing, high performance, and ease of use: in fact, it allows you to spray all two-component systems at high pressure temperature such as polyureas, compact polyurethanes, rigid and flexible foams of any density.   

Suprema is ideal for all types of processing and excels in quality, for example in large civil and industrial constructions, in coating, anti-corrosion, and anti-abrasion interventions. 

Scheda tecnica

Obtain a continuous flow of material while minimizing the pulsation; this allows a punctual mixing of the two components that are delivered in volume, exactly in the same quantity. 


The new positioning of the control panel and the valves product ensures easier and more comfortable use for the operator. 


Thanks to which it is possible to reduce processing times.


These features make the machine stable and resistant to all working conditions typical of job sites. The chassis also performs the function of a reservoir for hydraulic oil. The side casings complete the structure to increase safety and reduce noise.