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Why choose our polyurea spray systems?

Quality, experience, and reliability to bolster your projects

We design and build spray machines with highly resistant and top-quality materials.

Thanks to the instructions provided, the application of the material is simple and effective.

Our materials guarantee a homogeneous coating for waterproofing.

We guarantee the best possible results while prioritizing user and environmental safety.


State-of-the-art technologies and materials for innovative solutions

We manufacture, sell, and rent machines for polyurethane and polyurea spray

Machines for polyurethane and polyurea

We produce a wide range of polyurethanes and polyureas applied by spray with highly resistant and top quality materials, all in compliance with current national and European regulations.

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Special mortars

In addition to polyurethanes, our mortars allow the creation of light and resistant architectural elements, for both interior and exterior use, destined to last over time.

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Fields of application

Thanks to their exceptional characteristics, polyurethanes and polyureas offer solutions ranging from thermal & acoustic insulation to the creation of sculptures, decorations, and interior design.

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Accessories and spare parts

We design, manufacture, and make all the accessories and spare parts available to industry professionals necessary to carry out the spray application of polyurethane and polyurea.

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Our products

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Consulting and training to become applicators

In collaboration with

We organize seminars and training courses making it possible to learn the procedures and methods of use for machinery. In addition, through these courses once can obtain a certificate of certified applicator of polyurethane foam issued by the Giordano Institute. On top of that, we offer after-sales assistance or rental for machines, spare parts, and accessories with prompt intervention for the most urgent cases.

Who we are

Our history of

Research, experience, and reliability in the application of polyurethane and polyurea spray

Since 2005, we have been manufacturing and supplying machinery equipped with cutting-edge technology and top-quality materials resistant and easy to apply. In addition, we deal with advice and training for applicators and aspirants and offer after-sales assistance to test machinery and solve any operation-related problem.

"Futura Europe is a very professional and friendly company, with technical assistance always available nationwide."

"Very serious company, one of the most reliable throughout Italy. I bought a machine with all the accessories and I am having a great time; they are always available to solve any problems. Highly recommended."

Roberto Biagini

Soluzioni ecoCreative”

"Thanks to your assistance, I was able to complete the job on time and with great customer satisfaction. Top quality!"

"Sempre disponibili e affidabili. Prodotto con qualità eccellente"


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