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  • 199,00 242,25 

    Silicone drum heating band covered in fiberglass for industrial use suitable for metal drums available in three sizes: 20lt, 60lt and 200lt drums.
    Easy to apply, thanks to the tensioning springs, the band adheres perfectly to the barrel, allowing the liquids contained to be heated evenly.
    Can be used for heating various products, such as: polyureas, paints, paraffins, oils, greases, adhesives, various food products.

  • 2.350,00 

    Spray gun for high pressure polyureas and polyurethane.
    Self-cleaning. Simple. Handy. Functional. The ergonomic handle allows easy movement of the hand and is designed so as not to tire the operator even after many hours of work.

  • 190,00 250,00 

    Compressed air gun that allows the application of special FUTURA EUROPE and FUTURA CRETE mortars. This tool is equipped with a large hopper and is available in a vertical or angled version. Ideal for important jobs, it reduces material reloading times and is lighter than models in the same category.

  • 1.050,00 

    Easy to install air mixer.

    Our mixers are designed to guarantee perfect and easy mixing of the products contained in the polyurethane composition.

  • 990,00 

    Pneumatic spray gun for polyurea with cartridges, two-component, extremely easy to handle.